Play and Activity Therapy

Play Therapy.

Young children benefit from a special kind of therapy to allow them to express themselves in developmentally appropriate ways. Play therapy builds on the normal learning and communicative process that help children express what is troubling them using toys, activities, and play. As stated on the Association for Play Therapy website, “Research supports the effectiveness of play therapy with children experiencing a wide variety of social, emotional, behavioral, and learning problems, including: children whose problems are related to life stressors, such as divorce, death, relocation, hospitalization, chronic illness, assimilate stressful experiences, physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence, and natural disasters (Bratton, Ray, Rhine, & Jones, 2005; LeBlanc & Ritchie, 2001; Lin & Bratton, 2015; Ray, Armstrong, Balkin, & Jayne, 2015; Reddy, Files-Hall, & Schaefer, 2005).

Child Counseling​.

Counseling services are provided for children of all ages and the therapeutic approach (play or activity therapy) will vary depending upon the child’s age. Parents seek counseling for their children for a variety of reasons and some of these may be to address fears, anxiety, bullying, adjustment to a life change, behavior problems, or relationship difficulties. We work closely with parents to help them understand their child’s behavior and how to help their child flourish at home and school.


There are many counselors that will see children yet have no specialized training to do so. It requires advanced, specialized training, experience, and supervision, for a mental health professional to earn the Registered Play Therapist (RPT), or Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor (RPT-S) credential. All our child counselors are credentialed as RPT, RPT-S, or are completing their supervised training to become so.

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Catherine Langston, MS, LPC, Play Therapist
Katelyn Lee, MS, LPC, Play Therapist
Dean Wisdom, MEd, ThM, LPC-S
Registered Play Therapist
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Maddison Stahler, MS, LPC Associate, Play Therapist
Duc Lieb, MS, LPC, Registered Play Therapist
Claire Monroe, MS, LPC, Registered Play Therapist

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Why Play Therapy?
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Introduction to Play Therapy

Activity Therapy.

The playroom can still be a fun place for older children and pre-teens to work on their problems. Therapeutic games, activities, and creative arts and crafts help older children explore the issues that are troubling them in a developmentally appropriate way.

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