Divorce Support

Divorce Support

Support for families going through divorce

Divorce Support.
Supervised Visitation.

Children will process divorce differently at different ages. If you are contemplating divorce, going through a divorce, or have divorced we can help you find the right words and support for your child(ren).
Court Ordered Supervised Visitation?
We can help. Prosper Counseling has rooms designated specifically for children and parents to play together. Our rooms are video monitored and recorded. You can enjoy your child without a stranger in the room if court allowed. We can also help YOU learn ways to cope with these new life changes and how to support yourself and your child through the various transitions.

Positive Co-Parenting.

As much as we want to protect our children from life’s disappointments, divorce may be a part of their reality. Nonetheless, divorce is not as hard on children as constant parental conflict. What is important for your child’s healthy adjustment is effective co-parenting after divorce. If you and your ex continue to struggle with conflict, co-parenting sessions have proven to be effective for many. Call Prosper Counseling today to see how we can help you co-parent in a way that feels good to you, and your children.

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