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Counseling services are provided for all ages and the therapy approach will vary depending upon the nature of the child’s issues and their age.

Play Therapy

Activity Therapy


Counseling can help adolescents to reach their full potential and balance their desire to be more independent with the need to make safe and healthy decisions. Counseling with a trusted adult can help your teen overcome emotional struggles and bring you peace of mind.


Through adult, couple, or family therapy we can help you develop tools to improve your communication, negotiate differences, problem solve, and build skills to create love and harmony in your home. By focusing on feelings, thoughts, relationships, and personal or family patterns, individuals can gain greater insight and discover how to move to a place of contentment.

child counseling

Is your child having difficulty with peers and forming lasting friendships? Do they struggle with social skills? Do they have a hard time understanding or expressing emotion or recognizing it in others? If so, group therapy with other children or teens their age that are also struggling can help!

Parent Education

Do you wish… You had a better relationship with your child? You laughed with your child more than you yelled? You had positive discipline tools that REALLY worked? If so, parent education is for you!

Divorce Support

As much as we want to protect our children from life’s disappointments, divorce may be a part of their life. Divorce is not as hard on children though as constant conflict between their parents. Co-parenting effectively after divorce is critical for your child’s healthy adjustment. If you find conflict continues with your ex, parent coordination sessions may be the answer.


Relationships takes work and commitment to resolve conflicts, improve communication, and create the intimacy all humans desire. Do you want to improve your relationship?

Sand Tray Therapy

Sand tray therapy allows a person to construct scenes about their life in a symbolic way that may feel less threatening than trying to find words to express thoughts and feelings. This non-verbal method of therapy can be used with children, teens, adults, couples, families, and groups.

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