“She is more awesomer than cake!” –10 year old boy


“Marcey helped me learn how to believe in myself” –14 year old girl


“You have helped us tremendously!  We have so many new tools!” –Parents of 6 year old boy


“To have gone from a feeling of complete hopelessness and desperation, you brought us not only a solution but an ever empowering, life changing compassion that will remain in our lives forever. We will never forget how much you helped us and the endless support you offered.” –Mother of a 9 year old girl


                            “We experience fewer power struggles and fewer meltdowns, each of which is great with a toddler!”    –Parents of a 3 year old boy


“Our family went through a very difficult time and you were such a blessing and helped us get successfully to the other side!  You will always be remembered for your help.” -Mother of teenage boy

“Ms. Marcey Mettica, M.S., LPC, is an outstanding counselor in our community.  I have observed her for several years as she served families in the Court system going through the pains of divorce. Her insights were always valuable to the parties as well as to the Court.  She genuinely cares about her clients and her empathy for others was always apparent. She has a passion for helping others to find a greater level of happiness and purpose in life.”  – Dr. Ronald C. Stone, PhD, LPC-S, FABPS-ACFE, CART