Do you wish…

You had a better relationship with your child?

You laughed with your child more than you yelled?

You had positive discipline tools that REALLY worked?

If so, parent education is for you!


I am a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, a trained Child/Parent Relationship Educator, and a parent myself. I have three children, ages 18, 20, and 21, so I have also walked in your shoes. I teach parent education classes for those with very young children to teenagers.  I will tailor the educational sessions to your specific family needs.

 Group classes are also offered. 

Comments From Parents:


 “VERY helpful class! It has made a significant impact in the lives of my children and my family!”

“The class was very insightful – insightful not only into my child’s world but for myself and how I react, my outlook, and my perceptions.”

“I have truly enjoyed taking this course. My relationship with my child is very much improved. I feel better prepared to handle those tough parenting situations.”

“This really should be a required class before having children.”

“I learned relationship skills that apply throughout the parent child relationship – from toddlerhood to the teen years.”

Book Recommendations:


Parenting is the toughest and most important job in the world. Unfortunately there is no perfect instruction book and if you search “Parenting” on Google or Amazon, you will get a thousand different suggestions, but two of my favorites are:


“How to Talk so Kids (Teens) Will Listen, and How to Listen so Kids (Teens) Will Talk” by Faber & Mazlish


“Positive Discipline A-Z”  by Nelson & Lott