This office operates as an out-of-network provider. Your counselor can provide you all the necessary paperwork for you to file for your own insurance reimbursement. Generally speaking, most insurance companies will pay a percentage (80%, 70% or 60% are common) after you meet your deductible. Check with your insurance company for information about your specific benefits.

There are many reasons mental health professionals do not join insurance panels. The most important one is that filing with insurance companies usually requires a significant breach of client confidentiality. For example, to meet the requirements for in-network reimbursement, the counselor must submit a mental health diagnosis, an ongoing progress report, and a treatment plan.


For children, a mental health diagnosis may follow them into adulthood and limit future opportunities for some military or government jobs. Most children, who come to therapy, are dealing with adjustments to life’s difficulties and not a mental health illness.


The fee for each 50-minute session is $98 to $150. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card at the time of service.